Thursday, November 17, 2005

Next Board of Trustees Meeting

Originally posted October 6, 2005:
USNA At Large,
Well, if its football season, there must be a semiannual Board of Trustees ("BOT") meeting coming up.
Sure enough.  And, an important one to boot.  November 30th.
One of the chores that the BOT will resolve is setting the ballot for elections to the new BOT that would be voted on in the first quarter and seated immediately subsequent to the May semiannual meeting.
The Nominating Committee is probably active as we speak.  They are looking at three Trustee elections: Chairman of the BOT, Western Region Trustee and Mid-Atlantic Region Trustee.  If you have any suggestions re who should be considered for a position on the ballot, contact your current Trustee(s).
There are also several other substantial issues that may appear on the agenda when it comes out.  Don’t have a lot of details, but stay tuned for more details as the next seven weeks count down.
Parenthetically, in the interests of full disclosure, I served some time on the Board of Trustees back in the mid- to late-1990s.
Go Navy!  John Howland


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