Saturday, January 28, 2006

Annapolis: After Action Report

Yup, saw the movie last night.
Bottom line -- save yourself dollars, time and GRIEF -- do not bother to see this movie.
It has taken its place as easily the worst movie about the Naval Academy ever.
Let's take a contrarian approach -- are there any compelling reasons why I SHOULD see this movie?
Maybe my neighbor is going to see it and then zap me with some smartass question or comment?  I can assure you that this movie is very likely going to die off very quickly.  It is pretty unlikely that your neighbor is going to be attracted to go see it, even if he is tempted to be looking for material to zap you with.
I'm a BGO and maybe my potential candidates are going to want to see the movie?  For you folks, this may be required viewing.  (This is the sort of thing that hazardous duty pay was created for!)  You probably are going to have to see the movie so that you are prepared to do damage control.  I'm not funning you on this, you will have to do LOTS of damage control.  Applications may go down after this Hollywood depredation.
I'm a masochist?  By all means, go see the movie tonight.
So, are there any socially redeeming values to the movie?  NO, none, zero, zip, nada.
Firstie Cole has a couple of lonely lines that get at what the Naval Academy is supposed to be about, but they are quickly washed away with the next wave of junk.
It turns out that all of the movie reviews written over the last few days have been far, far too kind.
The Alumni Association folks who got the preview viewing this week should be receiving Form 2s from Black Jack Scoville for failure to sound GQ about this movie.
I've already run on here much further than this movie deserved.
Guess we'll have to wait for the next generation for a good current movie about the Naval Academy.  But, as I implied before the movie, I don't think a good movie can be made about the Naval Academy in this day and age.  As I guessed, on a certain level, the movie is too real.  It portrays certain aspects that are reality in today's Naval Academy.  It is not a pretty sight.
C'est la vie, John Howland


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