Sunday, November 27, 2005

President Bush Visit on Wed

  Here's more detail received subsequent to the Seattle Times and Los Angeles Times report that we just put out.
  This was just put out by the Administration in the Yard.
    Go Navy!  John Howland
Staff, Faculty, Residents, Midshipmen and Friends of the Naval Academy,


   We are honored that President George W. Bush plans to address the Brigade

in Alumni Hall at 9:50 a.m on Wednesday, 30 Nov.  The President's remarks

are expected to address the War on Terrorism and be televised live on the

major news networks.  This is a great opportunity to host our

Commander-in-Chief and to showcase the Naval Academy to the nation and the



   Available seating and security constraints will limit the number of

attendees in Alumni Hall to the Brigade of Midshipmen and invited guests.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend and our desire is to provide as

many seats as possible, given the space limitations of the venue.  However,

the event will not be open to the general public.  For those not able to

attend the event, we are working to simulcast the event over NADN TV.  More

detailed information will be provided on the availability of seats for

faculty and staff early in the week.


  For those attending, the uniform is Service Dress Blue and Service

Equivalent for military personnel and appropriate civilian attire for

faculty and staff.  All guests will need to be seated by 9am; plan to arrive

at least 45 minutes early in order to make it through the security screening

area and into your seats.  Only still cameras will be allowed in the venue.


  The Brigade will have a modified academic schedule on Wednesday, 30 Nov.

The schedule will be promulgated on Monday, 28 Nov.  The Superintendent also

intends to address the Brigade in Alumni Hall once the President departs the

Naval Academy.


  For everyone (DoD/USNA vehicles) on the Yard, heightened security that

morning will subject our gates, as well as traffic on the Yard in the

vicinity of Alumni Hall, to temporary closures from 8am - 11am.  Also, the

Naval Academy will temporarily be closed to the public (including tour

groups and pedestrians) from 5 am until 1200 pm that day. The Naval Health

Clinic Annapolis will have limited operations during this time.  Naval

Academy military and civilian employees not working in support or attending

the event can request annual leave.  Workload permitting, supervisors are

encouraged to allow the use of unscheduled leave for this purpose.  Please

consult with your supervisor.


  We appreciate everyone's support and planning ahead.   More information

will be provided as additional details are known.



Helen F. Dunn

Capt, USN

Deputy Superintendent/Chief of Staff


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