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Army-Navy: Some Perspectives

  Temple gave us a good run in the first half, but we pulled away in the second.  Way to go, Big Blue!
  Next, the game of the year -- Army-Navy.
  A couple of perspectives as we get ready to enjoy the back 'n forth over the next couple of weeks.
  At you will see a Beat Army poster.  I have a few more (sent along by Dave Leather) and my game plan is to put a new one up each day.  (Be sure to check each day as I probably will not send out a special notice each time.)  If you spot any other Beat Army graphics, don't hesitate to send it along.
  I also wanted to make note that the class that Notre Dame showed after our game with them was duly noted and appreciated among our West Point brothers in arms.  The below was sent along by Jim Backlin USMA '66.  Of course, we of Navy and of Army set the standard for class in college football.
    Go Navy; Beat Army!  John Howland
For the first time since my West Point class of 1966 began using the Internet, we had a plethora of emails back and forth beginning when the Class of 2009 began Beast Barracks (our New Cadet Basic Training) in early July or late June talking about our horror experiences during Beast Barracks.  Then it extended into the Army football season as my classmates reminisced about some Army football games during our 4 years, especially the Army-Penn State games which we won at least 3 times during our time at West Point.  Special attention was devoted in the emails to the famous Army-Penn State rally in Washington Cadet Dining Room where the tables were stacked up to the very high ceiling of the mess hall. 
This week one of my classmates said he received a column by a Notre Dame senior about the Navy/Notre Dame game which I watched for awhile last weekend which was a very impressive column about Navy midshipmen spirit and the respect the 80,000 fans showed at the end of the game when the Navy sang the alma mater.  Two other classmates commented about it.  See below.  And note the response I received from this great young writer, Peter Schroeder.
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To: "Jim Backlin"
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Subject: Re: Peter: Awesome column;[distro66] Navy-Notre Dame
Thank you very much for your kind e-mail.  That moment was easily one of my most
special in my four years at Notre Dame, and I'm glad Navy was a part of it.
Believe me, an Army-Navy game is definitely on my "do before I die" list.  I'm
looking forward to a classy match up with Army next year.

Thanks again,
Peter Schroeder
Notre Dame Class of '06
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I replied to the young man and he graciously responded. He’s going places.



From: Dickens
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There are obviously at least two people at Notre Dame who get “it”.


From: Norm Cooney
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I have received this from a couple sources so decided to send to entire Class. Worth reading.



The Loudest Silence

The Observer Viewpoint

Notre Dame Newspaper


by Peter Schroeder


It was another Notre Dame-Navy game this past weekend, an affair that these days seems to be as fresh as Grandma's ubiquitous fruitcake. We all know the routine; these two teams face each other, Notre Dame wins, Navy loses, dance a jig, yadda yadda yadda. It's been that way for 42 years now, and Saturday's game was no different. Save a 7-7 tie in the beginning of the game, the Irish had their way with Navy, to the tune of a 42-21 final score. The weather was beautiful, the team looked great, and the home crowd at Notre Dame Stadium had plenty to cheer about on Saturday....


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