Thursday, November 17, 2005

Upcoming BOT Meeting Preview

Originally posted October 15, 2005:
  The Mid-Atlantic Trustee provides a preview of the Board of Trustees meeting coming up at the end of next month; just a few short weeks away.
  To be sure, it is a pretty sparse preview and Jack has provided no elaboration of his own to this de minimis listing.  (Trustees are paid the big bucks to provide some sort of elaboration -- they are the ones who represent us and are supposed to know what is going on.)
  HOWEVER, you are advised to read his short post and the six items of "voting interest" very, very carefully.
  As an aside, as I write, Iraqis are risking life and limb to take advantage of their precious opportunity to vote, yet we have folks right here in CONUS who don't seem to have a clue re appropriate conduct so vital to enable some semblance of a free society to actually work.  On one hand, I expect it; on the other hand, it always amazes me.
  In any event, read and heed.
    Live for Life, John Howland
PS Thanks to Charlie Morrison for passing this along.  JH
To all Mid-Atlantic Regional Membrs:

Happy autumn, Air Force is down and Army is yet to be beaten. In the meantime, win them all!

The Board of Trustees will meet in various committees on Wednesday, 30 November and in full Board on Thursday, 1 December.

Items of voting interest will include (but aren't limited to:

a.Report of members nominated to stand for various elections. Of interest here is that we will be voting for a Chairman and for your Mid-Atlantic Regional Trustee.
b.Report of Audit and Finance.
c.Authorization to transact business.
d.Associate Membership authorization where various busniness concerns have applied for associate membership.
e. Other Chapter Trustee Selection Committee report, where a revised matrix to evaluate chapters who should be authorized a BOT seat
f.Governance committee report, where a proposal to change the composition of the BOT by eliminating regional trustees, the past Chair and downsizing the number of Chapter trustees. At the same time, six "At Large" trustees would be elected (two per year) with criteria for nomination to be directed from the Chair.

If there are issues which you wish to have placed before the board (most probably via an appropriate committee), as usual, please don't hesitate to chime in. Should you have questions or comments about the general agenda, please make them known to me.

Best regards,

Jack Adams


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