Friday, November 10, 2006

Dong Ha Bridge

Re: [USNA-At-Large] Dong Ha Bridge - Sunday Night on Fox

USNA-At-Large, Emil DiMotta provides more detail on the show --
One of my classmates built this bridge and another, John Ripley blew it up. It is an honor to have them both as Classmates.


Subject: War Stories - The Furious Fight for Dong Ha.

I am sorry to announce the air date for the 'War Stories with Oliver North' episode THE FURIOUS FIGHT FOR DONG HA has been moved to November 12th to allow for pre-election coverage on November 5th.
This episode is now scheduled to air on that date - November 12th  - on the 24-hour cable channel Fox News Channel (not local Fox stations) at 8PM Eastern Standard Time and will repeat at 11PM EST.
Until then, please visit, in the 'War Stories' section you can watch a 'behind the scenes' video and see a photo essay of the making of this episode. Also, program information for this episode, and all War Stories episodes, can always be found at
Apologies again for the pre-emption.

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