Thursday, November 17, 2005

Poll Results re Strawman BOT Restructure Proposal

Originally posted on November 17, 2005:
  The following missive was sent to each member of the Board of Trustees this morning.
  I am very hopeful that the views of you, the At Large, will be seen in a constructive light by every member of the BOT as was intended.
  As always, you are encouraged to advise your Trustee(s) of your views directly, pro or con.  Craft your own msg or fwd this message with your personal comments.
    Go Navy!  John Howland
Trustees of the Alumni Association,

I am writing with reference to the "Strawman" proposal that you are apparently intending to vote on at the Board of Trustees meeting in just two weeks.  I won't get into the details of the proposal as I know that you are at least partly familiar with those details and the history.


USNA At Large has just concluded a poll and I am forwarding the results to you for your consideration:


POLL QUESTION: RESOLVED, that the appropriate number of ** REGIONAL ** Trustees on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees should be approximately ...

- Zero, 0 votes, 0.00% 
- Four, 1 votes, 3.12% 
- More than Four, 31 votes, 96.88%

We are providing these poll results for your background information as you prepare to take a decision on the "Strawman" proposal.
Briefly, one can say from these results that ** informed ** Alumni would be pretty close to unanimous that we need MORE Regional Trustees.
Furthermore, we can safely say that ** informed ** Alumni would be equally unanimous that ZERO Regional Trustees is completely inappropriate.
As an aside, it would be easy to say that 32 votes are not statistically significant.  As you may know, the membership of USNA At Large is made up of supporters of the Naval Academy be they grads or "friends."  The Friends category is significant and growing.  Further, many of our Friends feel uncomfortable voting on an issue that they perceive as falling into the range of inner workings and hidden mechanisms.

In addition, USNA At Large members need to be fully registered in order to weigh in via our polls.  Many of the At Large have not taken that step.

Of course one could also point out to armchair statisticians that there has been no other poll taken of alumni on this subject that we among the At Large are familiar with.  Further, our 32 votes is even a bit more than the 29 voting Trustees working with not much more information than our At Large had available for their consideration.

Even with the liberal application of a "margin for error," it is pretty clear that our poll among the At Large is indicative that a larger body of ** informed ** Alumni would likely not see any merit whatsoever in the "Strawman" proposal.  Indeed, our poll results indicate that there is an excellent chance that Naval Academy Alumni want to see MORE REGIONAL TRUSTEES.

Based on these poll results, a very viable course of action for your consideration in the BOT meeting is to take a wave-off on the Strawman proposal and resolve to do a LEGITIMATE comprehensive study of the current state of Alumni Association governance with special emphasis on a scenario that studies MORE REGIONAL TRUSTEES.

As you know, USNA At Large is a nonprofit in formation for the following purpose:


This nonprofit organization will be for the purpose of
increasing the knowledge of, appreciation of and support of the
United States Naval Academy throughout the citizenry by means of the
dissemination of educational content premised upon the vital role of the
United States Naval Academy within The American Experiment.

Go Navy!

G.B. Howland, Executive Director, USNA At Large, a nonprofit in formation
PS You can see all of our recent msg traffic related to the "Strawman" proposal at our supplemental blog at


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