Thursday, November 17, 2005

Proposals to Change Alumni Representation on BOT

Originally posted November 5, 2005:
  Bill Aston has written to his Regional Trustee (the former one with the hope that he will pass the missive on to his replacement -- Bill Rentz) and to his Class President.
  You will see his views below.
  Strongly suggest that All Hands do likewise.  Write to whatever Trustees represent you (or are supposed to represent you).  And, copy whoever you think appropriate -- George Watt, Carl Trost, whoever.  If in doubt, err on the side of sending it too far and wide vs. not enough.
  And, don't forget to copy us.
  BTW, the current results of our poll are as follows:
RESOLVED, that the appropriate number of ** REGIONAL ** Trustees on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees should be approximately ...
    Zero votes for the Zero option (aka the proposal that the Alumni Association and the BOT Leadership are pushing for).
    One vote for the Four Regional Trustees option (aka the number of Regional Trustees now counted among the 29 total voting Trustees.)
    TWENTY FOUR votes for "More than Four" Regional Trustees.  The Alumni are sending a message to the folks in Crabtown in preparation for their meeting later this month.
  Which suggests that perhaps instead of begging the BOT not to change anything.  Maybe we ought to be suggesting that since they are bound and determined to open this issue up, might be a good time to do the right thing and INCREASE THE NUMBER OF REGIONAL TRUSTEES!  Let's score a "reversal"!
    Go Navy!  John Howland
Good Morning Guy and Mase --

We're still without electric power in 25% of  Fort Lauderdale but I
have rigged a 15 amp line to a neighbor's house  with  power  and can
carry on with some ease.

I am addressing this to my Class President and to  a friend who has
just recently served with distinction on the Board of Trustees.

I've become aware of the pending discussion to alter the existing
representation scheme for USNA alumni affairs.  The effect of the
proposals is to further concentrate the "power" and influence on
alumni affairs.  This results  in More to the folks inside the
beltway, Less to those further away.     Bad Idea.

Speaking as one who lives far from the site if USNA governance, I feel
left out in the cold on most USNA alumni affairs.     I have been a
Life Member for several eons, have supported over many years most of
my Class projects and suggest that my beliefs and reactions  should be
heard from time to time.  The area representatives have in the past
provided some form of needed connection with Alumni House.  They have
not always been excellent but many have been good enough, especially
when one considers their paycheck.

My experience with the good people that run the navy alumni show is
that most are insular, have no effective internal communications and
do not accept that they have a representational duty to their"
constituents."    Further concentration of power within a smaller,
less diverse group will only exacerbate the situation.  A concept
that is rotten to the core.

I hope that you will have some influence on this matter.  Perhaps Roy
Snyder still has something to say on this affair. No matter, please be
aware of my thoughts and feel free to pass them on to whoever may be
in an authoritative position.   I believe that an overwhelming number
of grassroots alumni agree with me. {Perhaps the proponents of change
will provide some statistical analysis of why change is so important.

Bill Aston '51
somewhere out in the field


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